SAP Commerce

Digacon implemented a B2B store system for a Swiss industrial company. An investment in the future that pays off.

SAP Commerce

It's not just small and medium-sized companies that have a hard time with B2B e-commerce. Either no digital solutions are available yet, or the existing infrastructure does not generate any added value and, in the worst case, is an ROI killer. But mid-sized and larger industrial companies also have some catching up to do in the area of online sales.

SAP Commerce: High price, high performance

As in many industries, customer relationships are often based on personal contacts, specific conditions and agreements, and other sometimes complex framework conditions. To map these in a high-performance B2B e-commerce requires a lot of know-how, but secures and promotes a future-oriented sales structure in the medium and long term. SAP Commerce offers these advantages, which Digacon implemented with its SAP certified developers for the Swiss industrial company Distrelec. The customer's requirements included taking into account the complex customer relationships with all their logics and data, as well as customer-centric service and tailored cross-selling and upselling campaigns to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.


Customers often classify e-commerce projects as cost and consulting-intensive projects. Particularly with a view to return on investment (ROI), investments for new online sales architectures on SAP Commerce appear to be high-priced and not worthwhile. But the impression is deceptive. The added value of SAP Commerce Cloud in the B2B environment only becomes apparent at second glance in many complex e-commerce projects. A calculation basis is provided by Sana Commerce, which provides a calculator for determine the ROI.

Damir Čuljak

Als Geschäftsführer der Digacon Software Solutions verantwortet Damir die Koordination unserer erfahrenen Entwickler und unseres Offices in Zagreb. Neben den Kollegen schätzt Damir hier auch die landschaftliche Schönheit des Landes und unternimmt gerne Ausflüge an die Küste Kroatiens.


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