Team Offsite in Croatia

Our consulting team at Digacon assembled in Zagreb, Croatia, taking a little step back from the everyday demanding work routine, to connect, strategize and celebrate together. From new colleagues to the core old team, to being together, and to five challenging yet thriving years of Digacon; we had numerous reasons to rejoice.  


Working together from our Digacon office, located in the heart of Zagreb, we had meticulously designed working sessions where we identified our own business needs and brainstormed new ideas together. Our sessions were also equipped with Project Management trainings from our Managing Partner, Serkan Caliskan, along with an introduction to SCRUM workshop, led by our IT team members and SCRUM-Master, Željko and Andrea. To experience SCRUM Methodology at its finest, our team of consultants were given a challenging task to solve with their unique roles and responsibilities. Each teammate immersed fully in their job role, experiencing not only a great debate throughout the session, but a lot of laughter alongside. 

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Our offsite schedule allowed us with ample amount of time to network with our colleagues in Zagreb and to bond with one another over a coffee break. In the evenings, we celebrated our “Feierabend” either with a match of Table Soccer or Darts, or even with a competitive match of Super Smash Bros. in the office. Our colleague, Temesgen, gave everyone quite a tough time winning at the Nintendo Switch games. Now we all know that when it comes to Switch games, you don’t mess with Temes. 

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Later in the day, we would regroup for dinner, and make plans for the rest of the evening. We mysteriously mostly ended up in Irish Pub. Over the weekend, we had flexible schedules and therefore the perfect opportunity to explore some parts of the beautiful city of Zagreb.   

Our team offsite in Croatia gave us sufficient time to learn and to develop ourselves. Composed of a team with colleagues at varying stages of their professional careers, it was stimulating to see how others work and conduct themselves. Moreover, we had the ultimate opportunity to align ourselves to Digacon’s core values; to build on honesty and trust, to care and act with respect and to perform with excellence and commitment. With reenergized team spirits, we returned to Stuttgart after spending five inspiring days in Zagreb.  

The goal of ours was to come together as a team and to build stronger connections with one another. Our discussions were highly enlightening and productive, and led us to continue developing our work plans after returning with renewed energy to Germany.  

We had the most incredible hosts in Zagreb! An enormous thank you to Marta and Damir for giving our team a great offsite experience, and to the whole Digacon team in Zagreb for your genuine openness and friendliness. Thank you also to Temesgen for capturing all the wonderful moments!  

Aqsa Kazmi

Unser Junior Consultant Aqsa ist von Natur aus neugierig und zielstrebig. Sie ist an der belebten Küste Pakistans geboren und aufgewachsen. Mit einem technischen Bachelor von der Bilkent Universität in der Türkei und einem Master in Management von der Technischen Universität München ist sie unsere Sprachexpertin und strebt danach, die Brücke zwischen Technologie und Management zu schlagen. In ihrer Freizeit reist sie gerne in nahegelegene Städte oder probiert sich an neuen Koch- und Backrezepten. 

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