The Power of Low-Code and No-Code

Traditional software development has long been a complex and time-consuming process that required extensive technical expertise. But in recent years, new approaches have emerged that…

8 min. read Felix Peter

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For many decades, business in the automotive industry was linear. However, the demands of our time pose major challenges to the industry's business model.

3 min. read Bastian Büschke

Temes, one of our Junior Consultants, shared his eventful experiences from half a year of consulting with us. 

8 min. read Temesgen Matewos

Our consulting team at Digacon assembled in Zagreb, Croatia, taking a little step back from the everyday demanding work routine, to connect, strategize and celebrate together. From new colleagues…

3 min. read Aqsa Kazmi

Digacon impressed in the Top Consultant competition and was awarded for it.

2 min. read Bastian Büschke

Digacon implemented a B2B store system for a Swiss industrial company. An investment in the future that pays off.

2 min. read Damir Čuljak

We blog about topics that move our industry - and about everything else that we find exciting and interesting. We are…

1 min. read Serkan Caliskan

A dream that many soccer fans have: watching the great Liverpool FC at Anfield Road for once. Once back in Stuttgart,…

2 min. read Serkan Caliskan

In Stuttgart, young people are rioting in the streets. The authorities now want to find out where the perpetrators come from. The gain…

2 min. read Serkan Caliskan